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It s Time For Re Think Mandatory Minimums - 1607 Words

It’s Time to Re-think Mandatory Minimums During the mid-1980’s an epidemic of cocaine and crack swept the nation leaving many wondering what could be done to eliminate this problem that reached everywhere from small town middle America to the larger metropolitan areas. It has always been the common acceptance that by putting more offenders in jail, crime statistics will decrease. This belief led congress to enact the anti-drug abuse act of 1986. At first, it was believed that this seemed to work, due to there being a â€Å"5% drop in crime in the 1990’s† (Chettiar). While according to various newer statistics that have tracked these changes since the early 1980’s, these mandatory minimums may have no bearing on the decline in crime. In fact, there are many theories on this ranging from the â€Å"Abortion filter† to the trendiest: â€Å"The lead hypothesis â€Å" (Goldstein). There is no argument about whether or not offenders get punished if you break the law; it has become an argument of how offenders are sentenced. First time nonviolent offenders should be penalized by some means, although it ought to be proportionate to the crime. â€Å"Jailing nonviolent offenders as the first option actually is counterproductive in many cases and can lead to more serious crime† (Levin). There are many alternatives to jail or prison for a nonviolent offender, prosecutors must get past their internment ratio, and have more confidence on the other options to jail such as drug rehabilitation, work programs, andShow MoreRelatedCrime Is A Post Racial Nation894 Words   |  4 PagesIt s a stark fact that the United States has less than 5 percent of the world s population, yet we have almost 25 percent of the world s total prison population. The numbers today are much higher than they were 30, 40 years ago despite the fact that crime is at historic lows. -Hillary Rodham Clinton April 29, 2015 In 2015, in the US, 2.3 million people were incarcerated. Of that population, nearly one million were African American. According to the NAACP, thirty-two percent of those arrestedRead MorePersuasive Speech Outline1232 Words   |  5 PagesI. Attention A. Attention Grabber: In this moment in time, the United States has only 5 percent of the world s population, but holds 25 percent of the world s prisoners, this is costing the country approximately $80 billion dollars per year. B. Tie to Audience: From your point of view, you might think that keeping all the law violators behind bars is a positive thing because it enhances public safety, but you should take a look on how incarcerating people impacts families and the nation’s economyRead MoreThe Incarceration Rate Of The United States1543 Words   |  7 PagesAlternatives to Mass Incarceration Once upon a time, Americans could proudly say that America was the land of freedom and opportunity. As the Pledge of Allegiance states, â€Å"One nation under God, Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.† However, under the current criminal justice system, more and more people lose their liberties because of the crimes they have committed. According to Roy Walmsley, a consultant of the United Nations and Associate of the International Center for prison studiesRead MoreCriminal Justice Policy And Planning4719 Words   |  19 Pagesand Objectives 8 Stakeholders for Mandatory Minimum Sentences 8 Stakeholders against Mandatory Minimum Sentences 8 Impact Model 9 Designing the Program 10 Program Implementation and Monitoring 11 Developmental Implementation Programs Offered 11 Implementation Plan Phase I 2011-2012 12 Implementation Plan Phase II 2012-2013 13 Implementation Plan Phase III 2013-2014 14 Conclusion 16 Bibliography 17 Executive Summary Mandatory Minimum Sentences Criminals and how theyRead MoreAmeric Land Of The Incarcerated1296 Words   |  6 Pagesgovernments such as Russia or China come to mind when one thinks about countries that have strict criminal codes that punish offenders with extreme prison sentences. Shockingly, the United States has the world’s highest incarceration rate of 716 prisoners per 100,000 citizens compared to the average country of 144 prisoners per 100,000 (Walmsley 2013) that equates to the probability of being incarcerated in the United States is five times more likely than the average country. In addition, there areRead MoreCrime Control Model Vs. Due Process Model Essay1614 Words   |  7 Pagescommit crime are held responsible and society is given justice. The crime control model focuses on setting aside guidelines for every citizen to follow. The crime control model was developed by the late Herbert Packer, and began its use in the late 1900’s. This model focuses on swift arrest, prosecution, and conviction of criminals. Individuals whom agree with the crime control model believe if the swift prosecution and conviction of a criminal is not done then we leading to destruction of public orderRead MoreRacial Bias Toward The Black Community1518 Words   |  7 Pagespolice and incarceration systems. From traffic stops to America’s prison population to mandatory minimums, racism is prevalent in every facet of America’s â€Å"domestic security† apparatus. Facing harsher punishment, 1 in 3 black men will go to prison and receive a 10% longer sentence than their white counterpart. Cocaine and Crack Cocaine are virtually the same substance but with vastly different mandatory minimum sentences. Cocaine is inhaled through the nasal cavity and Crack Cocaine is smoked withRead MoreJuveniles Being Tried As Adults1238 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Juveniles Being Tried as Adults† There are articles or news reports every once and a while about juveniles committed heinous crimes, but not serving any real time for the crime. Juveniles or even adults should not serve a few years for murder or rape. Murderers, rapists and other criminals are being released from jail every day after serving only very short sentences for their heinous crimes. (Source #1) Who are these criminals and what makes them so special? The criminals are juveniles who commitRead MoreSentencing Of A Jail Or Prison Sentence1598 Words   |  7 PagesDeterminate Sentence is a jail or prison sentence that you cannot change its definite. But offenders are allowed to be released after they have served their time. Determinate sentences were almost exclusively used throughout the eighteenth century and it was believed that judges were the best people to determine the amount of time needed to punish the offender and to deter them from further crimes. Judges were granted the power to determine sentencin g also took much discretion away from the judgesRead MoreCan Welfare Actually Be Harmful?1555 Words   |  7 Pagesentitlement trap and while doing so help reduce the nation’s debt? Let’s look at the history of the U. S. welfare system. When did poor people begin to rely on the government for their basic necessities? Although the United States fought hard for its independence from Great Britain, in its early years, it adopted the British Poor Laws which assisted the less fortunate. The U. S. welfare system today continues to aid needy citizens, including the elderly, disabled and those who are

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Conversation In The Odyssey By S.Richardson - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1089 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2019/04/01 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Odyssey Essay Did you like this example? Author Background: The name of the author of the article Conversation in the Odyssey is Scott Richardson. Scott Richardson is a professor of classics. He teaches at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint Johns University in Minnesota. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Conversation In The Odyssey By S.Richardson" essay for you Create order He has a B.A in Classics from Harvard University, an M.A from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, from Stanford University. Scott Richardsons educational background is a bachelor from Harvard University in 1978, Master of arts from Stanford University in 1980, and a Doctor of Philosophy from Stanford University in 1984. He teaches Latin and Greek and Human Languages and Culture. He is an assistant professor of classics at Saint Johns university and is an associate professor at Saint Johns university. Scott Richardson has interests in writing about the authors Homer, the Greek playwrights, Fyodor Dostoevsky, James Joyce, Dorothy Dunnett, Thomas Pynchon, and the writers of Icelandic sagas. Another work done by Scott Richardson is The Homeric Narrator, a book that he published. He also has written other articles on Homer. He does not have an active twitter or other social media accounts. Scott Richardsons teaching and research interests are Greek and Latin languag e, Greek and Latin literature, European and American literature (especially Scandinavian and British), and narrative theory. Analysis: The thesis statement of the article is the various conversations in the Odyssey. The article is about what is spoken by both parties that is not truly conveyed. The concluding statement that the author makes is that conversation in the Odyssey is a cryptic puzzle, intelligible and rewarding to those who know how to solve it, baffling to those who take it at face value. Summary: One claim that Scott makes is that the bulk of dialogue that is straightforward and honest comes from the mouths of characters who prove in other ways articles: Zeus, Nestor, the servants, and the suitors. The author supports the claim mentioned by stating that Zeus and nestor, the divine and human voices of social and narrative order, stand above the game of saying something in a conversation, and not stating exactly what you mean to say or what you want the person you are having a conversation with understand. Richardson came to that conclusion because a great majority of conversations in the Odyssey featu re indirect address, impolication, hidden, or coded meaning, lying, feigned, ignorance, secrecy, concealment of facts, end expressions of disbelief. In Richardsons article, Conversation in the Odyssey, he makes a second claim. The second claim was that Odysseus, a suspicious man, is the champion of all these kinds of indirection and concealment, the consummate manipulator of language to suit his advantage. He backs up his claim by saying that Nausicaa has the Odyssean instinct when she manipulates her father into giving her mules and a wagon, but she fails to see that Alcinous has seen through her request. This claim is important because in conversation, you have to be good at the game you are trying to play, so that when your conversing, you can mean something other than what you are actually saying without anyone figuring it out. A third claim that Scott Richardson makes in his article is that Penelopes indirect address to the man claiming to be her husband by way of an apparently direct statement to her son and the implication in her bed trick that she has been a faithful wife represent the two most prevalent forms of indirect communication in the Odyssey. Scott Richardson backs up his claim by saying that Penelopes entry in Book 1 marks the first instance of indirect address, which will become almost the norm in conversation with more than two people present . When Penelope berates that bard Phemius for his song about misadventure on the return from Troy, her real targets are the hateful suitors who relish the topic. This claim is important because in conversation, directly telling the other person what you mean is a better way to approach a conversation. A fourth and final claim that Scott Richardson makes is that when the point of ones word is to manipulate the situation to suit ones interests rather than to reveal and communicate, conversation is game and performance. The game of language in the Odyssey can be playful, but the perplex use of speech reflects a treacherous and precarious world in which survival and happiness depends on assuming that appearance is deceiving. Richardson backs up his claim by saying that the straightforwardness is masking a reality that must be deciphered. Those who play the game well listen carefully to what is not stated outright and express what they mean by not actually saying what they mean. This claim is important because when conversing, one can use different words to try to manipulate the other person in the conversation, which makes the conversation tricky to comprehend. Evaluation: I believe that the author of Conversation in the Odyssey, Scott Richardson, did a very good job developing their arguments. I also believe that the author is qualified to write on the subject of the Odyssey because he has a B.A in Classics from Harvard University, an M.A from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, from Stanford University. I also believe that he is qualified to write on the subject of the Odyssey because he has interests in writing about the authors Homer, and the Greek playwrights, and has other work done by Scott Richardson is The Homeric Narrator, a book that he published, along with other articles on Homer, the author of the Odyssey. I think that Scott Richardson left out a little bit about the game that was played during conversations that he was trying to describe. I am convinced of their argument by the end of the article. A passage that was referenced in the article is, Then, when the wheeling seasons brought the fourth year on, one of her women, in on the queens secret, told the truth and we caught her in the act-unweaving her gorgeous web. So she finished it off. Against her will. We forcer her. This passage was described in Scott Richardsons article as a secret that Atena told Telemachus. When I read the passage while reading the Odyssey, I interpreted it the same way. Scott Richardson really stuck to his argument, and ended up convincing me about his argument at the end of the article. I think that Scott Richardson supported his claim well, compared his examples to other situations, he gave in depth explanations, he talked about individual characters.

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Speech Teacher and South East High Free Essays

South east has thought me a lot of things but I am very thankful that it gave me three great qualities that I still carry on today that are Respect, leadership, and professionalism. It has been long since I first lay my eyes on this school. I was 14 years old when I arrived in this country. We will write a custom essay sample on Speech: Teacher and South East High or any similar topic only for you Order Now I dint know what road to take, my thoughts were hey vacations since I originally lived and went to school in Guadalajara, Mexico.I decided that the best choice for me to take was to stay and achieve an education in the United States. I did not think twice after my uncles showed me South East High. I was like yea this is the place that I want to come to. I loved the way it looked, the way the people treated each other, and how friendly staff was. Once I started I found out that South East wasn’t only a school it was something of another world. I had very good memories from all my teachers that I had had through all my four years on school.One of my biggest memories is the time when I first come at school, it was the first week of school and I want it to go back at home with my parents, brother, and sister because I really miss them but they told me that I have to be strong and achieve all my goals and here I am graduating me and starting a new beginning. One of the motivations that inspire me was the words that Martin Luther King said â€Å"I have a dream† so do I and it’s to become the greatest architect.My parents always told me that I can become whatever I want if I keep trying and doing the best that I can and never give up. Trough all this years on school I had learned so many good things here on South East High that my friends, teachers, counselors, and also others had teach me. They teach me to be who I am and not try to be who I am not. One of my teachers that I am really thankful is my ESL teacher that teaches me in the best way that he could.He teaches me how to write and speak this language. I want to say at all of you that I know and also at those who I don’t know that you have to do what you’re heart tells you and try to achieve all your goals not to do what other people wants you to do. I want to thank at all my teachers and family for all the help that they gave me. Thank you everybody for listed to me and Go Class of 2010 we did it. How to cite Speech: Teacher and South East High, Papers

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Innovation Management and Development CRM Software

Question: Discuss about theInnovation Management and Development for CRM Software. Answer: Introduction The investors play a major part for the company to be successful in the share markets. They purchase the shares of the company to gain a long-term benefit from the company that they have invested in because of the success that the company may have in the future. They are mainly concerned with the values of the company who may be dealing with the same products at two different prices. They evaluate the company based on the financial strengths by reviewing the profit and loss statement of the company and identify the key factors for the success of the company in the present and the future before investing in the organization (Venturini and Benito 2015). For the Nutshell Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, I have taken up the role of the investment banker by helping the company to be public so that they can raise money from the market for which I am holding the securities of the company. Analysis of the Software The CRM software helps in managing the customers of the company by handling the databases of the customers and increases the interaction level with them. It also helps in acquiring the information that is needed related to business, the sales of the company and the advertising of the products that the company offers in the market. The software also helps to support the customers and manages the relationships with the vendors and the staff members. The company can handle the customers more efficiently and effectively which will help the sales department to manage the customers, which will help the company to increase its sales (Trainor et al. 2014). The use of the software will help the company to maintain its data relating to its target customers, the preferences of the products that they have, the purchase history of the customers and all the personal information of the consumer that the company requires. The gap that is present between the sales team and the potential customers wil l be less and it will help to increase the transparency between the company and its customers. In spite of, a number of companies present in the market regarding the Customer Relations Management software, the software in mobile service is still missing and has a huge demand in the market. The software of Nutshell CRM has helped in identifying the requirements that needs to be satisfied in a business. This software has various sales tools options that help in the collective productivity of the company (Rosenbroijer 2014). SWOT Analysis of the Software Strengths The software is very useful in the small and medium enterprises because of the automatic update feature that it has which takes away the burden from the sales team to update the feature continuously. It helps to segment the products in different categories keeping the taste and preference of the customers in mind. The datas related to the products are kept safely and updates the product catalogues if any changes take place which helps in building the customer relationship with that of the company (Balaban and Dumitrascu 2014). Weaknesses The price of the software is high, as it will be used by the small-scale industries. The software to be successful in the market needs to be tested before launching it in the market is time consuming as it is not possible to get the result within a day or two. The skill that is required by the people needs to be developed with time for properly utilizing the software (Ghaffari, Delgosha and Abdolvand 2014). Opportunities The mobile services sector will be provided with this software, which will turn out to be very useful as it will help the company to have a hassle free operation. It will also save the cost of installing heavy technological goods (Balaban and Dumitrascu 2014). Threats The products such as Zoho CRM, Sugar CRM, BaseCRM and Salesforce dot com are available in the market providing a stiff competition for the new product to capture the market. The gradual changes that are happening in the global market poses grave threat to the software as the technology may get outdated and companies may look for an alternative (Ghaffari, Delgosha and Abdolvand 2014). Promotional Activities The strategies adopted for the distribution and marketing of the software is through an effective communication channel, which will be based for the target customers. It makes the customers aware of the product through phone calls and emails (Preece et al. 2015). Exit Strategy The projected income for the software is also given where after all the expenses are incurred, the company is left with a net income of worth $49,824. The exit strategy of the company will be to merge with big brands like Apple and Windows and Web based applications to provide the customers the apps through these broad platforms (Arman 2014). Recommendation of the Investor Innovation is based on sound engineering, technology, science and management because the business in the modern world is undergoing constant changes every day. The top management of leading companies employs people who can evaluate the opportunities and run the innovation process through product marketing, marketing strategy, business development and RD development. The innovation that takes place for a product is based on engineering as it helps the product to develop, technology through which the product is given a shape, science and management is required to make the product available to its target customers (Bullen, LeFave and Selig 2017). Innovation is feasible in nature and the concept is practical because feasibility analysis helps in determining whether the customers will like the business idea, or not. It helps in identifying the opportunities that is there for the product before the production process takes place. This concept is necessary for any innovative idea to be physically present in the marketplace (Pedron et al. 2016). There is a market for the product because the economy of the place also plays a vital role in launching of the product. The people can purchase the product as the rich economic places will have more purchasing power in the hands of the consumers and they can afford to spend their incomes on the luxury items as well after purchasing the necessary items. Thus, the purchasing capacities of the people play a huge role for a product to be successful in the market of a given place. The political issues needs to be seen as the rules and regulations of the regulatory bodies need to be followed so that the company does not fall in to some major trouble in the market of that region (Beggs Jr. et al. 2014). The distribution strategy followed by the CRM software is to make the customers aware through the phone calls and the emails, which are backdated in the modern world. The company needs to use the social media platform so that the customers are more aware of the product and constant updates can be received about the product. The estimated financial statement shows that the net income of the company will be around the $50,000 mark, which is good for a start-up company and shows a positive outcome in the future. The exit strategy of the software that is to merge with big brands may provide the edge to the company to have a competitive advantage over the other products that are present in the market. One of the main brand is Apple who selects its applications very carefully because it is one of the leading brands when it comes to mobile technologies in the world (Bullen, LeFave and Selig 2017). The product has a growth in the market as the profit statement that has been estimated is good enough for the start-up company and it will be sustainable in the market for quite a few years, as it will help the companies to automatically handle their business operations by using this software. The sales team plays an important part for the overall development of the company. They handle the relationships with the customers and sees that the company meets all the grievances and the demands. The objectives and the target of the company is to maximize its profit by selling the maximum number of products at a lower price as it is a start-up company. The sales team looks after the needs and the preferences of the customers and explains the product to its target customers. They are fully equipped with all the resources that are required to carry the business forward in the future (Pedron et al. 2016). Conclusion The decision that has been taken is that I have agreed to invest in the project because on reviewing the presentation I have found that there is the factor of profit in the future for the company. The software will be of huge demand for the companies as with the advancements in the technology, the manual labor force is decreasing in the company in the current times. It will be seen that the future will see more technology advances, which will reduce the manual work pressure by a large margin. This software will help in segmenting and segregating the products and the target customers according to the preference of the company and since it is automatic, there is no need to hire extra labor in maintaining the software. Terms and Conditions Being a 49 percent partner of the company by investing $500,000 worth of money Investing partially with $100,000 annually and reviewing the reports based on which the bank can withdraw its capital The profits of the firm needs to shared equally and the losses in 1:1.5 ratio where 1 belongs to the bank The Board of Directors needs to have at least two representatives that the bank elects. Reference List Arman, S.M., 2014. Integrated model of social media and customer relationship management: a literature review.International Journal of Information, Business and Management,6(3), p.118. Balaban, M.I. and Dumitra?cu, D.D., 2014. The Advantages Of The CrmType Systems For Resources Planning And Management In Companies. InProceedings of the International Management Conference(Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 117-127). Faculty of Management, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania. Beggs Jr, B.R., Chen, F.W., Gavagni, B., George, D.G. and Silva, L., International Business Machines Corporation, 2014.Matching resources to an opportunity in a customer relationship management (crm) system. U.S. Patent Application 14/444,490. Bullen, C.V., LeFave, R. and Selig, G.J., 2017. Entry and Exit Strategies in Sourcing Engagement. In Global Sourcing Of Services: Strategies, Issues and Challenges(pp. 521-558). Ghaffari, K., Delgosha, M.S. and Abdolvand, N., 2014. Towards cloud computing: a SWOT analysis on its adoption in SMEs.arXiv preprint arXiv:1405.1932. Pedron, C.D., Picoto, W.N., Dhillon, G. and Caldeira, M., 2016. Value-focused objectives for CRM system adoption.Industrial Management Data Systems,116(3), pp.526-545. Preece, C., Chong, H.Y., Golizadeh, H. and Rogers, J., 2015. A review of customer relationship (CRM) implications: benefits and challenges in construction organizations.International Journal of Civil Engineering,13(3), pp.362-371. Rosenbrijer, C.J., 2014. Customer Relationship Management and business analytics: a lead nurturing approach.Proceedings of DYNAA,5(1). Trainor, K.J., Andzulis, J.M., Rapp, A. and Agnihotri, R., 2014. Social media technology usage and customer relationship performance: A capabilities-based examination of social CRM.Journal of Business Research,67(6), pp.1201-1208. Venturini, W.T. and Benito, .G., 2015. CRM software success: a proposed performance measurement scale.Journal of Knowledge Management,19(4), pp.856-875.

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How Jane Yolen’s perspective on personal discovery is conveyed in Briar Rose Essay Essay Example

How Jane Yolen’s perspective on personal discovery is conveyed in Briar Rose Essay Essay Example How Jane Yolen’s perspective on personal discovery is conveyed in Briar Rose Essay Paper How Jane Yolen’s perspective on personal discovery is conveyed in Briar Rose Essay Paper Jane Yolen topographic points strong accent on the impression of personal find which becomes the cardinal message in the text ‘Briar Rose’ . Yolen sets the supporter. Rebecca Berlin on a pursuit of personal find. a pursuit which is strongly connected to the yesteryear. a past which takes its roots in the holocaust. Yolen captivates the respondent through the use of the sophisticated linguistic communication techniques: fable. narrative construction. and multiple narrative voices to convey the significance of personal find. Yolen embedded personal find as a nucleus subject in the text to convey strong positions on personal find through the usage of fable to drive the narrative along giving it a sense of pragmatism. Gemma’s stating and retelling of the fairy narrative is a changeless characteristic in the text. â€Å"I expletive you Briar Rose. I curse you† This quotation mark demonstrates Rebecca’s deficiency of comprehension of the fairy narrative. a fairy narrative Becca grew up listening to as an grownup. it embarks on a journey which takes its roots in America and leads to Poland and enables Becca to unveil the fairy narrative. It is through her solemn pledge that Becca commences her personal find and pursuit for her individuality. As she commences her pursuit to personal find she begins to unveil the faery narrative which is Gemma’s fable of the hideous events in the Judaic holocaust that impacted 1000000s of Jews. who suffered at the custodies of the Nazi’s. Yolen has successfully interwoven the allegorical construction in the narrative to convey the significance of personal find. Yolen has successfully demonstrated the technique of multiple narrative voices to exemplify her strong positions on personal find. It is through the intertwining of the voices of Gemma. Josef Potocki and Rebecca that the truth behind Gemma’s yesteryear is unveiled. In peculiar the narrative of Potocki brings the horrors inflicted on the Jews to the head of the personal find. â€Å"It was tremendous. full of shadows: shadows of weaponries. of legs. of caputs thrown back. oral cavities unfastened in silenced shrieks. † Yolen captures the horrors expounded on the Jews efficaciously and makes the respondent tremble with fright at the evil enaxed by the Nazi soldiers. Potocki’s voice/narrative brings Becca closer to unveiling the enigma of Gemma’s non-existent yesteryear. Josef’s history explicitly detailing the horrors of the holocaust is juxtaposed against Gemma’s fairy tale. touching to the fact that such horrors are difficult to joint by the victims. In Briar Rose. Yolen has strongly conveyed personal find through impact and importance of one’s cognition of household history to understanding an individual’s individuality. Yolen has basically embedded insistent duologue to positively convey personal find. Becca’s journey on persona find is initiated by her resolute promise on Gemma’s decease bed to happen the palace in the quotation mark where Gemma recites â€Å"Promise me you will happen the palace. â€Å"Promise me you’ll find the prince. Promise me you will happen the shaper of the enchantments. † The repeat of â€Å"promise† is bewitchingly utilized to underscore and enable the respondent to understand the significance of the pledge. The composer efficaciously portrays this through Becca’s tone when she says â€Å"I’m traveling to work out it†¦ The conundrum and the mystery†¦ I’m traveling to happen the palace and the prince and repossess our he ritage. † It is the resoluteness with which Becca makes the pledge that the respondent comes to gain the significance of the pledge and that it is a cardinal message to the novel and through this individual event that personal find is set into gesture. This pursuit of personal find is reinforced and intensified by Becca’s finding and strong bond with her grandma and allows the respondents to admit that it is the driving force behind her aspiration and digesting doggedness to detect the truth within the mystery of the fairy narrative. Yolen establishes the close connexion through Gemma’s congratulations of Becca’s devotedness to the fairy narrative when she says â€Å"you ever understand† a trait that makes the respondents find Becca appealing. This has significantly influenced her picks and actions. as she embarks on the pursuit of personal find with the given secret wooden box that has ‘briar’ and a rose carved on its palpebra ( symbolism and repeat of the rose ) and filled with Gemma’s ownerships indoors in order to repossess Gemma’s heritage. Yolen has successfully demonstrated personal find through the usage of repeat in the text Briar Rose. Yolen has purposefully made Becca the heroine more appealing than her sisters Shana and Sylvia. Yolen has efficaciously demonstrated the importance of personal find in the text Briar Rose by implanting legion sophisticated linguistic communication techniques in her novel. The personal find undertaken by Becca. leads her to the nucleus of the holocaust. and brings to the head the experience of Gemma ; Yolen uses the fairy tale to make a sense of good versus bad. good versus immorality. Yolen through Becca makes the respondent gain the significance of personal find. The words of Stan competently sum Yolen’s positions on personal discovery- ‘What is past is prologue’

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Sustainable Operations Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sustainable Operations Management - Essay Example Its main focus is on the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes involved in value creation for sustainable development and growth. The term sustainability aims at keeping a balance between the human needs and prevention of the ecosystems on which our future generation depends. In specific, it refers to the exploitation of resources with the orientation of technological changes and minimal environmental damage to the present as well as future needs. The adoption of sustainable development theory is at an ever growing pace with the increased awareness of eco-friendly environment and analysis has indicated that since after the introduction of UN Agenda 21 (Moore, pp. 20-28, 2008), things seem to accelerate significantly in this area. In order to compete with the global market, businesses are paying more attention towards the environmental consequences of their products or services. They have realized the importance of operations strategy to support the company’s objectives and corporate goals. This trend has transformed the nature of operations to green product design, triple bottom line reporting and close-loop supply chains (Lippmann, pp. 1-9, 1999). The involvement of operations management is present from strategic to tactical and operational levels. Its activities include â€Å"site location, layout and structure, inventory management, traffic and materials handling, equipment selection and maintenance, designing technology supply chains, etc† (Metz, 1998). In this regard, this paper will focus on the issues companies confront while developing their policies regarding sustainable development (Moore, pp. 29-33, 2008) in the area of supply chain management. Supply Chain Management The term supply chain interchangeably used as ‘demand chain’ or ‘value chain’ refers to the voluntary commitments made by the companies to manage better relations with the suppliers (Metz, 1998). It manages in three different directions: t he information flow in all the departments, the funds flow and the materials flow to the concerned places. As the aim of this assignment is to identify and discuss some of the key issues faced by the companies in the development of a sustainable supply chain policy, it has been an observation that companies have realized that the value they provide to their customers in the form of a product or service is not enough to survive in this competitive world (Webb, pp. 1-5, 2000). There is a constant need to address and resolve the sustainability issues throughout the supply chain. â€Å"Some of the most popular and important approaches to SCM includes collaborative planning, outsourcing, customers-suppliers partnership and ISC (integrated supply chain) design† (OECD, 1999). In specific, there are three dimensions on the basis of which a sustainable supply chain policy is developed. Particularly, UN Agenda 21 (Moore, pp. 29-33, 2008) divided the dimensions in two categories: social and economic. However, this paper has identified environmental, social, and ethical concerns that directly affect the performance and image of the company. Environmental Issues: a) the use of natural resources b) gas emissions c) waste management concerns d) harmful substances e) energy consumption f) deforestation g) global warming h) ozone depletion i) Nuclear radiation. Social Issues: a) Role and responsibility of the company towards the social